The punk-pop trio challenge to mask-wearing rockers to "write a good fucking song for a change"...

Green Day stoked up a feud with Slipknot last night (September 17), mocking the masked rockers and challenging them to write “a good fucking song for a change”.

The American post-punk trio, playing a fan-only show at the Virgin Megastore on London‘s Oxford Street, their second date in the capital in three days, also took aim at Metallica, Napster and Blink 182 during the hour-long performance. They also finished their set by trashing their equipment and an overhead lighting rig and daubing spraypaint on the shop’s walls.

The Slipknot jibes came twice during a set that saw Green Day mix new material from forthcoming album ‘Warning’ with older tracks and cover versions, including songs made famous by NOFX, Operation Ivy and The Undertones.

Three songs in someone threw a clown mask onto the stage, which singer Billy Jo Armstrong put on while mockingly growling: “We’re Slipknot, fuck you.” He threw it back and sneered: “Oh scary, you’ve got masks assholes. Why don’t you try writing a good fucking song for a change.”

Towards the end of the show, the frontman introduced a song saying, “Dedicate this song to the person you hate most in the world. Think about killing the bastard. Take Slipknot, for instance.”

Earlier, he had invited the audience to shout out dedications. When someone called out Napster, he said: “Whatever you do, don’t download Metallica. It makes them really, really angry. But what have they got to be angry about? You know what I’m saying?”

And his suggestion that Green Day were about to cover a Blink 182 track brought cries of derision from the 500 fans.

Green Day ended the show with a rousing version of ‘Basket Case’ before spraying both the band’s name and ‘Goodnight’ on the store’s walls while destroying their kit.

The group remained for a time after the midnight show to sign copies of their new single ‘Minority’, released today (September 18).