Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones share Everly Brothers cover from new album – listen

Pair's cover of 'Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine' is taken from 'Foreverly' project

Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones have debuted a track from their forthcoming Everly Brothers tribute album.

Armstrong and Jones’ rendition of ‘Silver Haired Daddy’, which you can listen to by clicking at the bottom of the page, is taken from their ‘Foreverly’ LP. The album, which is a track by track homage to the Everly Brothers’ own 1958 LP, ‘Songs Our Daddy Taught Us’, was recorded in nine days at Manhattan’s Magic Shop and will be released on November 24.

Speaking previously to Stereogum about the collaboration, Armstrong said: “I thought it would be cool to remake the record because I thought it was sort of an obscure thing and more people should know about it, but I really wanted to do it with a woman singing because I thought it would take on a different meaning — maybe broaden the meaning a little bit — as compared to hearing the songs being sung by the two brothers.” He added that he then got in touch with Jones, but it was “kinda like a blind date”.

When asked if they’d be performing the album live, Jones said it would be “fun” but added: “I don’t know if there’s gonna be time. We’ve got a lot going on.” Armstrong agreed: “I don’t know. We kinda just take things slow. We’re still mastering it.”

Meanwhile, Armstrong has landed his first film acting role. The frontman will star opposite Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester in Like Sunday, Like Rain, an upcoming indie drama from writer-director Frank Whaley, whose previous movies include fellow indie flicks The Jimmy Show and New York City Serenade.