Green Day say they’re worried about violent video games

Trio also concerned about MMA being shown on TV

Green Day have said they’re worried about video games becoming increasingly violent.

The trio, who release new album ‘Revolution Radio’ on October 7, have said they’re worried about the world becoming so violent that it’s going to scar their children.

Bassist Mike Dirnt told Kerrang!: “My kids are going to grow up seeing things that I never saw, like Mixed Martial Arts. When that first came out, people were ‘Oh fuck, that’s fucking violent.’ And now they play it on TV in restaurants. I’m supposed to eat and watch this shit wherever I go? Nothing makes me hungrier than watching two guys in weenie bikinis kicking the shit out of each other.”


Dirnt added: “Video games are different now too. You’re actually in there shooting and killing people. And that’s got to take a toll, but I don’t have the solutions.”

Singer Billie Joe Armstrong revealed he believes Donald Trump is even more dangerous than George W Bush, whose time as US President helped inspire their ‘American Idiot’ album. Armstrong said: “Bush was an idiot, but Trump is absolutely crazy. That guy won’t listen to people when he makes decisions. You can see it already. He just says whatever he thinks right that second.” Dirnt added: “It’s self-serving rhetoric. And it’s scary.”

The trio have yet to announce any live shows to coincide with ‘Revolution Radio’, which is Green Day’s first album since the ‘Uno!’ ‘Dos!’ ‘Tre!’ trilogy in 2012.