Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong says Black Lives Matter movement inspired album title track

'Revolution Radio' is out later this year

Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong has opened up about the process and inspirations behind the band’s new album ‘Revolution Radio’.

‘Revolution Radio’ is the 12th album from the band, with recent track ‘Bang Bang’ serving as the first proper bit of new Green Day music since 2012’s ‘Uno!’, ‘Dos!’ and ‘Tré!’ album trilogy.

When Rolling Stone asked Armstrong about the album’s title track, he revealed that the Black Lives Matter movement played a part in its writing process. “I was in a car coming from Brooklyn to Manhattan and there was these protesters for Ferguson holding up traffic all the way back across the bridge,” he began.


“I got to where I was staying at and I could see on 8th avenue there was all the protesters out there and I was just looking out and I wrote about it the day after,” he continued.

“I walked out and marched with people a little bit but I was mostly kind of observing and seeing what was happening. It’s a trip to watch people just completely rebel against the old order or whatever you want to call it and get to something that’s more pure. There was this controlled chaos that was going on and it was happening all over the country,” he said, before adding, “people don’t want to feel obsolete.”

Green Day recently explained how their new album reflects the current political climate and specifically the “fear” and “anger” surrounding Donald Trump’s candidacy. ‘Revolution Radio’ is set for release on October 7.