Green Day release footage of New York Concert

Band put out footage of the last part of their gig at New York's Irving Plaza

Green Day have released a video featuring the final part of their monstrous 40-song set at New York’s Irving Plaza last month (September 17) – watch it above.

The footage kicks off with the track ‘Burnout’ from 1994’s ‘Dookie’ and features other fan-favourites including ‘Hitchin’ a Ride’, ‘Letterbomb’, ‘She’ and closer ‘American Idiot’.

The show was filmed shortly before singer Billie Joe Armstrong checked into a rehab clinic following an onstage meltdown.

Earlier this week, Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt said that the band remain united through the singer’s time in hospital. “Billie doesn’t take things lightly and he wouldn’t take rehab lightly, either,” he said. “He’s in the middle of some really big things, but we’re going to pull through. It’s killing everyone. Green Day has never been a band that sits still, but sometimes you have to step back and let life go on rather than try to control everything.”

He added: “I know that my friend’s life is in danger and that’s all I care about,’ he says. ‘We’re brothers-in-arms waiting for Billie to return healthy, but we’re not going to force anything. Tré and I will be standing here for Billie.”

Also this week, the chairman of Warner Bros records, Rob Cavallo said he did not know whether Armstrong will leave rehab before Christmas.

In spite of this, the rest of Green Day’s ‘¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré!’ album trilogy is expected to be released as planned, with the second LP, ‘¡Dos!’ coming out on November 12 and ‘¡Tré!’ on January 14, 2013. Green Day are also due to play a huge UK stadium show next summer, headlining London’s 60,000 capacity Emirates Stadium on June 1, 2013.