Watch Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt discuss the band and his career in new interview

Dirnt is also releasing a new bass amp head with guitar manufacturers Fender

Mike Dirnt has spoken about his life in music and his career with Green Day in a new interview.

Dirnt was a founding member of the punk trio, who formed in 1986. The 44-year-old bassist met frontman Billie Joe Armstrong when they were both 10 years old, and have since gone on to release 12 studio albums as Green Day – the most recent being ‘Revolution Radio’, which was released last month.

In a interview from his new partnership with guitar manufactures Fender – who together are releasing a new bass amp head, the Bassman 800 – Dirnt has spoken about his career in music and his role as bassist in the band.

Recalling his earliest influences, Dirnt said that he was first drawn to music by listening to radio at a young age – particularly “anything with a melody in it.”

Speaking about the band’s long career, Dirnt also gave an insight into what it’s like for Green Day to make a new record after such a prolonged period of success.

“The hardest part about being in Green Day and being the artist I am today has probably been trying to contend with Green Day with every release we do,” Dirnt revealed. “But it’s also gratifying when you put your head down to work, and you make it happen.”

Watch the interview below.


Uploaded by Fender on 2016-10-14.

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