Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong reveals some of his family are Trump supporters

Frontman also blames rise of Trump on 'uneducated white working-class people'

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong have admitted that some members of his family are going to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming US election.

The pop-punk band released their twelfth studio album ‘Revolution Radio’ in October, their first record since 2012. Speaking to NME in this week’s magazine, available nationwide today (November 4) and online shortly, Armstrong compared billionaire TV personality-turned-Republican candidate Trump to Hitler and bemoaned the current state of US politics.

Also in the interview, Armstrong revealed: “I’ve got family members from Oklahoma that are big Trump supporters. And there’s no clear answer on why they’re supporting him because he doesn’t even have any policies.”


“How can you have an opinion about who you want for the Leader of the Free World when the guy running doesn’t have answers to any questions?” Armstrong added.

“Except for a fucking wall! That’s never going to happen, give me a break. You know, dude, I just think it’s been mass manipulation. Your grandparents have been hijacked by Fox News [who are] getting their information from the National Enquirer [and] tabloids that are saying, ‘Hillary Clinton adopted an alien baby’. I’m not kidding you. Like, an alien from outer space! They’re grasping at straws to do anything to destroy her.”

The singer went on to blames the rise of Trump on “uneducated white working-class people”, saying: “That’s the problem right there. There’s this white nationalism that’s been brewing under the radar for a long time. But now [Trump’s] been able to cause people to lash out and blame minorities and it’s really confusing. I mean, blatant misogyny going on at the same time.”

Read Green Day’s full interview in this week’s NME and online later today.


Armstrong recently slammed Trump as a ‘white supremacist’ and has been changing the lyrics of ‘Holiday’ to attack him during gigs.

However, speaking previously, Armstrong stated that he would never write a song about Trump. “There are no songs about Donald Trump on there [‘Revolution Radio’],” Armstrong told Q. ” I made sure of that, because he inspires me to do nothing. Trump has dragged politics into the gutter, like a WWE wrestling match.”


Green Day recently confirmed to NME that production on the movie adaptation of their seminal ‘American Idiot’ album is well underway, having been given the ‘green light’ by HBO.

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The band return to the UK to tour in early 2017, performing at Leeds First Direct Arena 5 February, Manchester Arena (6) and London O2 Arena (8) – and will headline British Summer Time Festival at Hyde Park in London on Saturday 1 July.