Green Day react to shout-out in Drake and BlocBoy JB’s ‘Look Alive’ video

Memphis rapper can be seen wearing a Green Day tee

Green Day have responded to a shout-out from Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB in the video for his new Drake collaboration ‘Look Alive’.

‘Look Alive’ was released last week and its video features one scene that sees BlocBoy JB wearing a Green Day t-shirt. Check the full clip below.


Sharing a screenshot of a fan saying that their favourite thing about the video was “BlocBoy JB wearing a Green Day shirt with a Gucci belt,” the band replied on Instagram: “Same tbh”. See that post beneath.

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Same tbh

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Speaking to Fader recently, BlocBoy explained how the Drake collaboration came about.

He explained: “OK, so, he had posted the song [on Instagram], and as soon as he posted it, I had replied 100. And then he was like, ‘My favourite rapper! We gotta cook.’ As soon as I said, ‘OK,’ he called me. And then the next day, he sent me his part of the song. He knew my producer [Tay Keith] already so he was already talking to him and he got the beat from him, sent it to me early in the morning. I jumped straight up and went to the studio. Then about two or three days later, he was in the city and we shot the video.”

“I always listened to Drake,” he added. “Like, back in the day when I was a young n***a, we used to walk around singing ‘Marvin’s Room’. We was some singing-ass young n***as. You know n***as always think they can sing.”