A tracklist for Green Day’s ‘Father of All…’ album has appeared online

This is hella exciting...

There’s only a month to go until Green Day release their thirteenth album ‘Father Of All Motherfuckers’, but it seems that one lucky fan has already got their hands on the record’s vinyl sleeve.

As revealed by GreenDayFans.com, a fan called Jason received the artwork in the post at his California home, revealing the back cover and apparent tracklist for the first time.

“Imagine my surprise when an anonymous package, postmarked from California, arrived in my mailbox containing the album we’ve all been waiting for, Green Day’s ‘Father Of All Motherfuckers’ which isn’t due out until February 7, 2020!” Jason writes.


“Alas, my initial excitement was only slightly dampened when it turned out the package contained just the vinyl sleeve for Green Day’s 13th studio album and did not include any type of insert, but I certainly wasn’t complaining.”

Green Day Father Of All Tracklist

While the band haven’t commented, the tracklisting looks pretty reliable – it features the title track and recently released single ‘Fire Ready Aim’, as well as several song titles that frontman Billie Joe Armstrong revealed in an interview with Kerrang! last year. They include ‘Junkies On A High’ and ‘Sugar Youth’.

Armstrong also revealed that there is a song which samples Joan Jett’s ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’ called ‘Bulletproof Backpack’, but it could have been renamed named ‘Oh Yeah!’ which is a recurring lyric on the original track.

Check out that tracklisting in full below

1. Father Of All…
2. Fire, Ready, Aim
3. Oh Yeah!
4. Meet Me On The Roof
5. I Was A Teenage Teenager
6. Stab You In The Heart
7. Sugar Youth
8. Junkies On A High
9. Take The Money And Crawl
10. Graffitia


Meanwhile, the punk icons recently revealed how the title of their upcoming third album was inspired by advice from Slayer‘s Kerry King.

It comes as Green Day prepare to head out on the Hella Mega Stadium tour later this year – which sees them hitting the road with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

The dates will kick off in Europe, with UK and Ireland gigs taking place at the end of June. All three will then return to North America for a headline tour across July and August.

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