Green Day ‘land on Mars’ as band reveal connection to NASA mission

The space agency's InSight Mars Lander touched down on the planet's atmosphere earlier today

Green Day have “landed on Mars” after the band revealed their unexpected connection to NASA’s current mission to study the planet’s interior.

The InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) Lander touched down on the red planet’s atmosphere earlier today (November 26). It will now deploy a seismometer and burrow a heat probe into the core so scientists at the space agency can better understand how Mars was formed, which in turn could tell them new things about Earth.

After it was confirmed the lander had successfully reached Mars, Green Day took to their official Twitter account to reveal their link to the project. “Officially landed on Mars,” they wrote. “‘Green Day Since 1986’ was etched on a chip on the @NASAInSight Mars Lander that landed at Elysium Planitia today. Out of this world.”


They included a photo of the chip and the information etched onto it, which included the lander’s launch and arrival sites, and its scheduled departure date of May 2, 2018.

Meanwhile, Green Day look like they could be set to jump back into action under the moniker of their side project, The Foxboro Hot Tubs. Earlier this month, Billie Joe Armstrong shared a screenshot of one of the band’s tracks playing on his phone and revealed in the caption the group were about to head back into rehearsals.

No shows have been confirmed for the side project at present.

Earlier this year, Armstrong released his debut album with his other band, The Longshot. ‘Love Is For Losers’ featured Green Day’s touring guitarist Jeff Matika on bass and vocals, as well as Kevin Preston on guitar and David S. Field on drums.


The frontman has also praised rapper Vince Staples for the artwork for his latest album, ‘FM!’. The sleeve references the cover of Green Day’s classic album ‘Dookie’.


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