Are Green Day teasing that they’re up to something?

Could it be the 'Dookie' anniversary tour?

Green Day have stirred curiosity among their fans after sharing a series of images online that appear to be teasing something.

Excitement around the band’s activity first arose earlier this month when rumours spread online that a new single from the band was imminent. The rumours turned out to be false, but now the punk trio have created more speculation with a series of social media images.

Each member of the band has taken to share an image of a bull’s head, and if you swipe through it goes to a photo of a bandmember in rehearsal.


Browsing through the comments on each post, you can see that many fans are hopeful that this could be a tease for new music, an upcoming tour, or perhaps the announcement of the long-awaited ‘Dookie’ 25th anniversary shows.

‘Dookie’ was released in 1994 and was their debut on a major label – going on to sell more than 20 million copies worldwide and spawning five hit singles, including ‘Longview’, ‘Basket Case’ and ‘When I Come Around’. Fans have been hopeful of an anniversary tour, after the band revealed that they’d been rehearsing the record in full, along with its follow-up ‘Insomniac‘.

“Random thoughts and gratitude for the 25 year anniversary of the big D,” said frontman Billie Joe Armstrong on the 25th anniversary of ‘Dookie’ earlier this year. “We wanted to think of something special to do but we couldn’t quite come up with anything.. Maybe play the record in its entirety at the pyramids in Egypt. Or jam it Machu Picchu ? Exclusive in Viggiano.? Never quite came to fruition.. But never despair. 2019 still has time.”


While confirming that they are currently working on new material, this year also saw Green Day announce that they would be releasing their first book Last Of The American Girls on October 29. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool have collectively co-authored the book, which is named after the band’s ’21st Century Breakdown’ cut ‘Last of the American Girls’. It’s illustrated by cartoonist Frank Caruso.