Looks like Green Day’s side project Foxboro Hot Tubs are performing live very soon…

Billie Joe Armstrong is teasing their return

Green Day could be set to perform an intimate show under their longstanding moniker of Foxboro Hot Tubs.

The punk trio’s side project released an album called ‘Stop Drop And Roll!!!’ a decade ago. They made their live debut in Arkansas in 2008. The following year, the band rocked up in London for a tiny impromptu gig at Islington’s Garage venue.

Now, Billie Joe Armstrong has teased that the group could be revived very soon.


Posting a screenshot of the band’s track playing on his phone, the frontman wrote: “Next week Jumping in some rehearsal time with these big lugs”. See the image below.

The post was uploaded to the official Instagram account of Armstrong’s other project, The Longshot. At present, it’s unclear as to where the band could be performing.

Meanwhile, The Longshot released their debut album, ‘Love Is For Losers’, earlier this year following Green Day’s ‘Revolution Radio‘ cycle.

In other news, Armstrong recently hailed Vince Staples for referencing the ‘Dookie’ artwork on his new album ‘FM!’


Elsewhere, Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan praised Green Day’s hugely successful 2004 record ‘American Idiot’ as being the last “guitar-driven music to reach the masses”.