Greta Van Fleet on avoiding sibling rivalry: ‘All can be forgiven’

Three of the Michigan rock band are brothers

Greta Van Fleet have spoken about avoiding sibling rivalry within the band.

Three members of the Michigan four-piece are brothers – singer Josh, guitarist Jake, and bassist Sam Kiszka – while the band is completed by their childhood friend and drummer Danny Wagner.

Speaking to Consequence Of Sound, the group explained they didn’t see brotherly spats breaking up the band as has happened to other artists. “I think that the fact we all beat each other up on a regular basis…” Sam joked.


“I’m just kidding, but really, that used to happen back when we used to write in the garage. The thing is, it’s kind of like one of those silly stereotypes that boys really get over things quickly, and we do, especially being brothers. It’s actually quite funny, the kind of arguments that we go through, and it’s never personal. When we’re writing or in the mode of an artist, all can be forgiven once that’s all over.”

He continued to explain that being related to most of his bandmates was actually an advantage for the group. “There’s a lot of very special things that happen with brothers in the band,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anything that we’re afraid to say to each other, and that goes for Daniel, too. I mean I’ve known Daniel since first grade. When he joined, it turned into Greta Van Fleet.

“I think that it’s a very healthy writing and recording process. And especially having to tour, I think it really is the next level of having a rolling family on the road, knowing each other so well, and being able to live with each other. I think it’s a very overlooked, but very important thing.”

Greta Van Fleet released their debut album ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army‘ last month (October 19). In a three-star review, NME said: “Ultimately, this is just a rock album that does exactly what it says on the tin. They are head-banging, pitch-altering rock songs that may not change the world right away, but they’ll give yer head a little wobble at the very least.”

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