Greta Van Fleet on album number two: “what hasn’t been done and how many rules can we break”

It's definitely coming this year

We caught up with Sam and Jake Kiszka – one half of Greta Van Fleet – backstage at Mad Cool Festival in Spain this weekend.

The lads were on top form, waiting for their 1:30am show before they head back to the states to work on their second album, the follow-up to the smash ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army.’

The duo were tight-lipped about record number two, saying only that fans can definitely expect it this year and that it will be a full-length album, rather than an EP.


“There’s a little evolution I guess as with everything” Jake revealed to NME. “We’re working on something quite different, I suppose. It’s interesting because we never know what an album is going to look like. It can only be so pre-meditated. It’s an example of where we are musically. It’s definitely much different than Anthem Of The Peaceful Army would have been.

Sam: “It’s really the next step in the evolution of what we want to do.”

Jake: “Yeah, because now we have a bit more leniency with the outlandish stuff we want to do.”

Sam: “I think as far as the entire intent goes, incorporating more sounds, more tones, more styles of music and maybe taking a step in the cinematic direction.”

Jake: “The question on this album is what hasn’t been done and how many rules can we break, because that’s when you really start creating something unique.”

Watch the video at the top of the page to see the brothers talk more about sibling rivalry, what they’ve learned from rock’s elite and touring life.