Griff shares new dark pop anthem ‘Black Hole’

Her first release of 2021

Griff has dropped a new single, ‘Black Hole’, marking her first new release of the year.

The release was coupled with a lyric video, featuring grainy footage of the singer encapsulated within a pin-hole camera shot.

Watch it below:


In a press statement, Griff described the track as “a bittersweet heartbreak track”.

“I actually love how melodramatic it is, as there’s obviously not ‘a big black hole where my heart used to be'”, Griff added.

“But the melodrama of the lyrics – over a really interesting beat – keeps the song fun, and not too serious.”

‘Black Hole’ follows a string of singles from Griff last year, including ‘1,000,000 X Better’, ‘Say It Again’, ‘Forgive Myself’ and more.


In an interview with NME, Griff explained she wrote ‘Forgive Myself’ in a period of time where she felt “a lot of relationships in [her] life…had almost come to an end”.

“The main lyric is I gave my heart to the wrong somebody else and I need to forgive myself,” she said.

“Often, I think you internally beat yourself up for doing that because with hindsight you’re like ‘obviously that relationship was not right’. You’ve gotta just cut yourself some slack you know.”

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