#Grime4Corbyn’s Saskilla: “The youth gets forgotten about in every election”

"All of the people that voted for this Tory shit, they’re all dying. They basically voted to fuck the youth's life up"

Saskilla, one of the rappers involved in the return of the #Grime4Corbyn movement, has said that one of their key objectives is to get the youth engaged in the upcoming general election.

Ahead of the previous general election in 2017, the ‘#grime4corbyn‘ campaign was launched in the wake of the likes of JME endorsing the Labour leader – even going as far to meet with Corbyn this weekend to discuss how to encourage young voters to get involved. Novelist, Stormzy and UK rapper Akala also lent Corbyn their support – before the MP was added to the line-up of Boy Better Know on Wikipedia.

Now, despite seeming unlikely to return this year with several key figures from the grime scene seeming disillusioned with the Labour leader, another collective of artists have announced a new #Grime4Corbyn plan. A livestreamed event will  take place on Friday November 29 and promises “special guests and a showcasing of the genre’s ongoing support for justice, equality and prosperity for all”.


It will include four hours of live streamed radio sets, with performances from artists including Durrty Goodz, Manga Saint Hilare and Lioness.

Jeremy Corbyn at Theatre Royal Stratford East, November 25 2019

Speaking to NME last night after Corbyn launched his Arts For All charter in London, Saskilla said that were set on pushing young people to register to vote and be part of the dialogue as Britain prepares to head to the polls.

“Not getting the youth engaged, that’s the main killer of this whole thing,” he said. “Between me and JME, the amount of youth engagement that we managed to get on this was absolutely nuts. When I started the #Grime4Corbyn thing, I didn’t think it was going to go on CNN and get all of this attention.

“It got nominated for event of the year up against big festivals [at the NME Awards 2018]. What it stood for and getting the youth to register to vote was just crazy. In every election that has come up, the youth has been forgotten about.”


He continued: “These decisions that are going on around Brexit are whatnot, these are not decisions that anyone near the age of 55 or 60 is going to have to live with for much longer. All of the people that voted for this Tory shit, they’re all dying.

“They basically voted to fuck the youth’s life up. They’re not going to have to deal with this for the next 25 years or whatever.”

Fellow #Grime4Corbyn activist DJ Logan Sama added: “I am not sure any politician can deliver what they promise, but I know that the Conservatives have delivered years of austerity and cuts that have massively affected the working class whilst the mega rich continue to get acquire obscene personal wealth and corporations continue to take their earnings offshore and not pay back in to our tax system.

“I’m ready for change. For the good of the many.”

Skepta previously criticised the #Grime4Corbyn campaign in December 2017, and said that politicians “used people” during the election.

He said: “When [the general election] was happening, everybody that mattered started to fucking support politics and tell people to vote for people.”

Speaking to NME last night about his plans to improve arts funding and opportunities for young musicians in the UK, Corbyn said: “Young people who write fantastic music need a venue in which to perform. So many pubs now don’t do live music, they just play recorded music. I think we need to encourage pubs, clubs and cafes to have live music in them. The pub at the end of my road’s brought back live music, they have various folk singers in, all different types of music. It’s lovely.

“We’re looking forward to changing the whole scene so that it’s arts for all. That’s the principle.”

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