Grimes reacts to ‘Art Angels’ being named NME’s album of the year 2015: ‘It’s dreamlike’

Artist behind the album speaks to NME as part of this week's exclusive cover feature

Grimes‘ ‘Art Angels’ has been named NME’s Album Of The Year 2015.

The album, which was released in October and features the singles ‘Realiti’ and ‘Flesh Without Blood’. Grimes speaks to NME for an exclusive cover feature in this week’s magazine (available free in the UK from Friday, December 4).

Asked how it feel to have picked up the accolade, Grimes said: “Everything seems so insane that I’m currently unable to process it all. Right now it’s rather dream-like.”


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Going into detail about the album, Grimes admits that ‘Art Angels’ is partly a response to how she felt she was treated after releasing her ‘Visions’ album in 2012. “With ‘Visions’ it became easy to say, ‘Grimes, she’s so cute. It’s fun music to put on at a fashion shoot,'” she laughs. “Now I want people to engage. I’m less afraid of saying things now. I used to be so scared, I was turning the vocals down and drenching them in reverb. On this record I don’t give a fuck anymore.”

Grimes has often been dubbed a pop star for the internet age, however she says that’s the wrong label for what she does. “I hate the words ‘pop star’,” she says. “I don’t make pop music. I’m on an indie label. I don’t want to feel pressure to be a world-class singer, or a professional level dancer, or super beautiful. I’m not good at any of those things, and I’m very shy. I just want to make what I want to make. No-one calls Smashing Pumpkins pop stars. No-one calls Trent Reznor a pop star. You can be experimental and have a big audience and not be pop.”

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