Grimes prepares ‘more political, less abstract’ new album for surprise iTunes release in October

Long-awaited follow up to 2012's 'Visions' is due for release next month

Grimes has said her new album is more political than her previous work, with a surprise iTunes release planned for the record in October.

Speaking in an in-depth interview with Dazed, Grimes confirmed that the album title will remain a secret until the day before it is available online. She also spoke about the lyrical content of the songs, describing them as “more political and less abstract than before.”

Elaborating on her new lyrics, Grimes said: “There’s a song that’s from the perspective of a butterfly in the Amazon as people are cutting down trees; there’s a song that’s from the perspective of angels who are polluted, so they’re crying polluted tears. I feel like it’s more about the Earth. I think I was more in society when I was making it, so it feels more grounded.”

Grimes’ last official release was 2014 stand-alone single ‘Go’, a song originally written for Rihanna. In the Dazed interview Grimes says that the fact she has written and released songs intended for one of the world’s biggest pop stars does not mean that her own new music will have a more mainstream sound.

“I hate that all music right now has to exist in the context of the Top 40,” she said. “I just want to make music that’s good. Some good music is pop, some good music is not pop. Everyone is so driven by career stuff now – ‘Can you reach the most people? Can you get on the radio?’ It’s just like, maybe I don’t give a fuck?”

NMECarsten Windhorst/NME

As yet, fans are yet to hear any music from Grimes’ new album.

However, that should change in the next month with the musician stating yesterday (September 14) that she will “drop some trax” before the first night of her Rhinestone Cowgirls US Tour, which begins in California on October 24. Full dates for the tour can be seen here.

Posting about the tour on Instagram, Grimes confirmed that she will be playing new music on the headline tour and that she will be supported by Nicole Dollanganger; the first signing to her Eerie Organization record label.

Alongside a picture in which she compared her look to “Mr Burns in the woods”, Grimes added: “It’s kinda my fault for wanting to make sure the album was done before booking these shows so some aren’t all ages due to venue unavailability. Doing all ages shows in the spring in bigger venues. Still mixing and working on vids cuz I’d like it all to be perfect 4 yall.”