Grimes says her new album features ‘lots of violins’ and her ‘vampire mobster’ alter ego

New reports suggest album will be released in 'a few months'

Grimes has disclosed more details about her upcoming album, speaking in a new interview.

The experimental pop musician – real name Claire Boucher – is preparing her new LP for release, with the record previously reported to be due in October.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Boucher said that she thinks that she “just finished it last night maybe” but is “sick of it at this point”. She did add, however, “It’s the first record that I’ve made that I can listen to with other people around and not cringe and feel horrified. I think that’s a good sign.”

Entertainment Weekly reported that the album will be released in “a few months”.

Of what to expect from the LP, which she previously claimed will feature a lot of diss tracks, Boucher said it includes “lots of violins” as well as her “vampire mobster” alter ego.

“There’s lots of violins on this record, but they’re the most doctored, looped violins of all time,” she said. “There are no other musicians but there are three songs that are based on a sample… They’re all really weird. They’re not like ‘cool’ samples. They’re Japanese compilations from the ’80s and shit”.

NMECara Bloch/NME

Boucher added, “There are a bunch [of songs] from the perspective of a vampire mobster character, which I’m now concerned about because I’m realising if people think the words are from my perspective, they might think I’m insane. It’s about crime and stuff. There’s a lot more stuff like that because I feel more adventurous if I feel like I can — I don’t know if abdicate is the right word— but if I don’t have to take the blame because it’s not me.”

Grimes’ new album will be the artist’s much-anticipated follow-up to 2012 breakthrough hit ‘Visions’.