Grimes says there are ‘a lot of diss tracks’ on new album

Boucher also calls new LP 'less sad' and 'more happy and angry' than 2012's 'Visions'

Grimes has discussed her long-awaited new album in a new interview.

The experimental pop musician (real name Claire Boucher) is allegedly preparing her next LP to be released in October. It will be the artist’s much-anticipated follow-up to 2012 breakthrough hit ‘Visions’.

Speaking to Fader recently, Boucher said that unlike its predecessors, the record will be less “sad” and more “happy and angry”. She also stated that although not all songs on the full-length are “diss tracks”, there will still be “a lot of diss tracks” on the record.

Boucher elaborated that one cut is “about male producers”, more specifically “about a guy who acts like he knows everything and then comes back crawling on his knees, which has happened to me so many times”.

On the changes in her life during the period from ‘Visions’ until now, Boucher added: “I live in my own house that I pay for. I bought all this equipment myself. I control my own life now. No one has any say over what I do or where I go or when I do it”.

NMEJoey Maloney/NME

The singer recently revealed that she scrapped a whole album’s worth of new music because it was “depressing”. However, now she has backtracked on that previous claim.

“There were just hundreds of songs,” she told Fader. “On this album that I’m making now, there’s at least a hundred songs that won’t make it onto this. I think all musicians have songs that don’t make it onto records.”

Grimes recently claimed that she’ll drop her new album as a “surprise” in October.

A fan of Boucher’s tweeted at the musician asking when her new record is to be expected, with Grimes replying via the social media platform: “Oct!”

In other messages to fans, Grimes revealed that the album will be a “surprise release” because all the songs should be “heard together”. She also described the album as “very different” to anything she’s done prior, with “real instruments” used.