Grimes says she scrapped whole album worth of new music because it was ‘depressing’

Plus; new Grimes song to appear on 'Girls' this weekend

Grimes has denied reports suggesting she scrapped a whole album based on the fan reaction to 2014 single ‘Go’.

The musician admitted in 2014 that she had binned an album worth of music as she records the follow up to 2012 album ‘Visions’.

This led to speculation that negative feedback to ‘Go’, a collaboration with Blood Diamonds which was originally written for Rihanna, was the reason for the decision.

However, in a new blog post on her Tumblr, Grimes clarifies the situation and says she ditched the music she was making as she could not face touring the “depressing” songs around the world.

“The album was scrapped cuz it was depressing and I didn’t want to tour it,” she wrote. “I may release it one day. I throw out music all the time, i have almost 1000 gigs of unreleased music on my hard drive. I just want the next album to be as good as possible. ‘Go’ was never on the album anyway, it is a collaboration with a close friend that was released for fans as a ‘Thank you’ for waiting since my album was being delayed. There are only about 4 people on earth who have heard my new music. People’s opinions do not factor into my process. That is all, and hopefully this helps… I’m really not that sad or insecure of a person.”

The blog post follows the release of new Grimes song ‘REALiTi’, a demo dating back t 2013, earlier this week. Another new Grimes song, one she has worked on with Bleachers, will appear on the US TV series Girls on Sunday (March 15).

Last year Grimes confirmed that she has worked with US MC Lizzo on her new album and hinted that the record could be a double album.