Grimes says Dizzee Rascal is one of her ‘all time favourite musicians’

Claire Boucher reveals that she took her stage name from the UK music genre

Grimes has revealed the inspiration behind her stage name, confirming that it was influenced by Grime music.

The avant-pop musician (real name Claire Boucher) recently took to Twitter to discuss her moniker, stating that she was influenced by the UK music genre even before she knew what it was.

“I was very please[d] to discover that I actually loved grime music,” Boucher added. “Dizzee [Rascal] is one of my all time favorite musicians, discovered him whilst googling grime”. The singer continued to pay homage to London MC Wiley.

Grimes also revealed that she originally told journalists that she was named after ‘The Simpsons’ character, Frank Grimes.

You can see Grimes’ tweets on the matter below.

Meanwhile, Grimes recently revealed that she has finished work on “glam rock” song inspired by David Bowie and Queen, likely to feature on her upcoming record. “Guitar is just a whole new sonic world, melodically, rhythmically etc,. playing ‘irl’ music is my biggest inspiration lately,” she tweeted.

Earlier this year Boucher confirmed that she has worked with US MC Lizzo on her new album and hinted that the record could be a double LP.