Grimes finishes work on new ‘glam rock’ song inspired by David Bowie and Queen

"Playing 'irl' music is my biggest inspiration lately," the Canadian musician tweets

Grimes has said that her new album was a very “irl” feel and that she has finished a “glam rock single” inspired by David Bowie and Queen for the forthcoming record.

The musician’s third album is scheduled for release and, as revealed via a series of tweets earlier today (December 12), has seen her begin to play guitar on songs for the first time.

“Guitar is just a whole new sonic world, melodically, rhythmically etc,. playing ‘irl’ music is my biggest inspiration lately,” Grimes tweeted. Replying to one of her followers she listed St Vincent, Chris Isaak and Mindless Self Indulgence as influences. She also added that the album is “40 per cent pop and 60 per cent crazy”.


Grimes also spoke about her recent single ‘Go’, a song originally written for Rihanna, and said that she may release a dance EP with producer and collaborator Blood Diamonds.

Earlier this year Grimes confirmed that she has worked with US MC Lizzo on the album and hinted that the record could be a double album.