Grimes selects songs by Dolly Parton and Skrillex on all-time favourite list

Songs by Paramore, Mariah Carey, Portishead and MIA also make the list

Grimes has shared a list of her favourite songs of all time, with tracks by Paramore, Mariah Carey and Dolly Parton all making the cut.

The Canadian musician, real name Claire Boucher, shared the list with fans via her Tumblr. The eclectic list includes artists such as Burial, Portishead and Animal Collective alongside Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Skrillex. Scroll down to see the full list.

Grimes was recently involved in a row with New York band Diiv after she discussed her own take on veganism, which includes occasionally eating ice cream made from cows milk. The US grunge band hit back at her rules of the dietary choice, saying what Grimes practises “is not veganism”.


Earlier this year Grimes posted excerpts from her eco-friendly tour rider on Tumblr, which stipulated that “everything is conducted in as green and eco-friendly a manner as possible backstage”. She also requested that venues only provide crockery and cutlery that is “reusable and not disposable” and bans the use of “styrofoam, plastic or foil containers” to cover food. In addition, she asks for “local, organic food wherever possible”.

The singer and producer released her third and most recent album, ‘Visions’, in January 2012.

Grimes’ favourite tracks:

Fugees – ‘Killing Me Softly’
Butthole Surfers – ‘Pepper’
Chris Isaak – ‘Wicked Game’
Prince – ‘When Doves Cry’
Marilyn Manson – ‘Beautiful People’
Burial – ‘Archangel’
Rihanna – ‘Only Girl In The World’
OutKast – ‘Hey Ya’, ‘B.o.b.’ and ‘Ms Jackson’
Tool – ‘Aenema’
Mariah Carey – ‘We Belong Together’
Taylor Swift – ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’
Alicia Keys – ‘If I Ain’t Got You’
Patsy Cline – ‘Crazy’
Majical Cloudz– ‘I Do Sing For You’
Lana Del Rey – ‘Ride’
MIA – ‘Bucky Done Gun’
Enya – ‘Boadicea’
Portishead – ‘Dummy’ (whole album)
Dolly Parton – ‘Jolene’
Elliott Smith – ‘Between The Bars’
Missy Elliott – ‘Pass That Dutch’
Joanna Newsom – ‘Cosmia’
Skrillex – ‘Devil’s Den’
Mazzy Star – ‘Fade Into You’
Katy B – ‘Louder’
Themselves – ‘Grass Skirt and Fruit Hat’
Kanye West – ‘Lost In The World’
Ghost In The Shell OST
Azealia Banks – ‘212’
Animal Collective – ‘In The Flowers’
Nicki Minaj’s verse on ‘Monster’ by Kanye West
Nine Inch Nails – ‘March Of The Pigs’
Paramore – ‘That’s What You Get’
Flow Child – ‘Less Of It, More Of Having’