Grimes and DIIV in vegan beef

US band say singer-songwriter is "not vegan" after she admits to eating ice cream

US band DIIV have criticised vegan artist Grimes for her take on the rules of the dietary choice.

The row began on Grimes’ Tumblr page when, earlier this week, she shared her love of the new Ben & Jerry’s flavour Scotchy Scotch Scotch and said. “1 day hiatus from veganism is being had starting now.” Scotchy Scotch Scotch is a new butterscoth flavoured ice cream released to promote the new Anchorman film, released next month.

After posting the comment about Ben & Jerry’s, Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) was attacked in the comments section by fellow vegans who took exception to her eating the ice cream, which made with cows milk. Responding to the critics, Boucher wrote back: “I like to encourage people towards a type of veganism that is inviting and accepting. For the longest time I was vegan but I just wouldn’t say I was because of the bad reputation of veganism. Most of the vegans i know are dogmatic assholes, and it completely turns people off.”


She went on to defend the company behind the ice cream for their ethics, “Ben and Jerrys is the only brand of ice cream i ever eat. their cows are treated ethically and beyond that they put a ton of money into researching green hydrocarbon freezers that would use alternative refrigerants which (unlike current freezer gases) do not contribute to global warming.”

The row appeared to have died down until, earlier today (November 22) a tweet from the DIIV’s Twitter account brought the issue back up again. The tweet, which can be seen below, was not accredited to an individual member of the band.

grimes’ version of veganism is called “NOT vegan”, even if a dairy cow is “treated ethically” doesn’t mean u aren’t consuming/exploiting her

— DIIV (@DIIV) November 22, 2013

DIIV released their debut album ‘Oshin’ in 2012. Grimes released her third album ‘Visions’ in 2012 and is expected to return with its follow-up next year.

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