Grimes on Beyonce: ‘It’s crappy to belittle her because she’s successful’

Grimes also salutes Beyonce's artistry, saying her stage show works on several different levels

Grimes has spoken out in defence of Beyonce again, calling out music snobs who dismiss the superstar because of her huge sales figures.

Earlier this year (2013) Grimes wrote a Tumblr post defending Mariah Carey, K-pop star Psy and especially Beyonce. “How can you hate Beyoncé? She’s changing the world,” Grimes wrote at the time. “She stands for people of colour and women everywhere succeeding in a stifling patriarchy without compromising her morals.”

Now Grimes has shown further support for the singer during an interview before last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, whose red-carpet coverage Grimes was hired to co-host. “In my opinion it’s kind of crappy to belittle an artist such as Beyoncé just because she is successful,” Grimes said. “Maybe she’s successful because she earned it. You know, she’s been working really hard since she was, like, a kid.”


Grimes went on to praise Beyonce’s artistry on stage, saying: “For me, I don’t even experience her art as pop music. I think the choreography and visuals of the show, everything altogether is a new thing that works in the realm of pop music, but it’s doing a bunch of other stuff too.”

Grimes’s love of pop music proved unpopular during a recent DJ set in Ibiza, when she apparently cleared the floor after playing songs by Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey and The Vengaboys.