Grimes plays Taylor Swift and Vengaboys songs during polarising Ibiza DJ set

Canadian singer endures angry audience reaction to appearance at Boiler Room party

Grimes cleared the dancefloor during a rare DJ set in Ibiza yesterday after playing songs by Taylor Swift and The Vengaboys.

The Canadian electro-pop singer was booked to DJ at Richie Hawtin’s house in Ibiza as part of a Boiler Room party on Wednesday afternoon. However, the people gathered at the party did not react well to her song choices, which included Daddy Yankee’s ‘Gasolina’ and ‘We’re Going To Ibiza’ by The Vengaboys, as well as Mariah Carey‘s ‘All I Want For Christmas’.

In addition to Grimes’ alternative song choices, Boiler Room viewers tuning into a live stream of the DJ set online were unimpressed by the singer opting against traditional decks and, instead, using her iPod. She remained defiant, however, and posted a number of tweets about the controversial set.


Earlier this year Grimes gave details of her new record and rattled off various fractions to explain her progress so far and saying that she plans to take her new album to the next level in terms of production. “I feel like it’s a step up. I’m really trying to have it sound professional,” she explained. “As a producer, I’m trying to challenge myself to just make something that is of a professional quality – not necessarily pop music, but maybe in the sense that Nine Inch Nails is professional quality.”

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