Grimes apologises for calling 4AD a “shit label”

Grimes has apologised for calling 4AD a “shit label” as she gave an update on her “highly collaborative” new album.

Earlier this month, the ‘Art Angels’ singer hinted that things weren’t going to plan with her next LP.

“welp no music any time soon after all music industry is trash,” she told fans on an Instagram post.


The ‘Genesis’ artist, real name Claire Boucher, had previously said that she had played her label new material and hoped it would be released “soon”

Now, Boucher has taken to Instagram once again to keep fans in the loop with the recording process – claiming that she’s “back in the studio making a million beats” on a “highly collaborative” record . Grimes said that she’s working on “one final album for my shit label [4AD] then my first album on a label of my choosing which im crazy stoked about”.

Boucher added that she “might go fully independent” and is “researching options”.

With the original caption deleted, Boucher has now apologised to her label 4AD.

“I’m sorry negative shit i said ended up in the press today,” she posted on Twitter. “i didn’t mean to spread bad vibes ugh.” See that post below. 


Hinting at problems with her label, Boucher previously told a fan that there are “people involved in my career who would rather destroy me than build something”.

She continued on the deleted tweet: “indie music is more about egos than money. if u hurt someone’s ego, they don’t mind forgoing what you are potentially worth to them to take u down”.

Grimes and her label have now reportedly unfollowed each other on Twitter.

The upcoming LP will follow 2015’s ‘Art Angels’. In a review of the record at the time, NME said: “By embracing the pop orthodoxy, you might argue that Boucher has sacrificed some of what made her seem so alien when 4AD debut ‘Visions’ emerged from the ether back in 2012, but rest assured: she’s still laughing and not being normal, only this time, it’s all the way to the bank.”