Grimes calls ‘Art Angels’ “a piece of crap”: “It feels like a stain on my life”

The musician is currently working on a new album called 'Miss_Anthropocene'

Grimes has criticised her last album ‘Art Angels’, calling it both a “piece of crap” and a “stain on [her] life.”

The musician released the record in 2015. It topped NME’s Albums Of The Year list that year, with it being hailed as “not so much the sound of an artist trying to fit into the pop landscape as one trying to shape it in their own image.”

In a new interview with Cultured magazine, Grimes – who now goes by the name c – discussed her last record in unforgiving terms. “The last album was a piece of crap,” she said. “I feel like people really misread it and it feels like a stain on my life.”


She continued to explain that she hadn’t tried to make a pop album with ‘Art Angels’ but saw it as more of a “genre exercise” that showed what she could do as a producer. “I just wish I could make music in a vacuum,” she said. “It’s good to make people mad actually, I retract my statement. If you can make people mad without actually hurting anyone, that’s probably a good thing.”

Last month, Grimes confirmed that her next album will be called ‘Miss_Anthropocene’. In a lengthy Instagram post, she also revealed she would release an EP “or a few more singles of synth-based stuff” before the full-length record arrived. No release dates for any new music have been confirmed at present.

She also responded to a fan’s question about collaborations, saying she was planning to work with rapper Rico Nasty and K-pop group Loona.

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