Grimes files restraining order against cape-wearing trespasser

The man is now on psychiatric hold.

Grimes – real name Claire Boucher – has filed a restraining order against a stalker who recently trespassed on her property.

As reported by TMZ, the man, now identified as Raymond Barraja, walked to a hill overlooking Grimes’ property. The singer-songwriter was not in at the time but Barraja reportedly shouted that he needed see Grimes so he could “take her for a ride”. Her brother then called the police.

The report describes the man as wearing a cape and having three computer mice in his possession. He was taken into custody and placed on a psychiatric hold. The artist has since filed a restraining order.

This wasn’t the first stalker situation for Grimes. In 2016, Grimes abruptly walked off stage during a performance. In a series of now-deleted tweets earlier this year she revealed that the reason she left was “just a serious death threat and we didn’t catch the stalker before the show and i was suffering from health problems making it hard to eat which compounded exhaustion – just an unfortunate series of coincidences”.

She explained that: “it was actually rly intense fbi were involved”.

Meanwhile, the artist recently appeared in a new Apple commercial which previews a snippet of a new song titled ‘That’s What The Drugs Are For’.

The Canadian artist is yet to release any new solo music this year, but has been hinting towards new material. Earlier in June Grimes shared two snippets from new songs. She described one as “a cheesy love song”, and the second as “a cyberpunk interpretation of the bajirao mastani movie.”

As well as collaborating with Janelle Monae on ‘PYNK‘ from her acclaimed new album ‘Dirty Computer‘, Grimes has also teased new music made with Youtube sensation Poppy this year.