Grimes considers ‘less involved’ role in music

Boucher says her career 'happened almost randomly'

Grimes has revealed that her career in music “happened almost randomly”, hinting at a transition towards more of a “behind-the-scenes” role in future, as she would “rather be compared to my peers who are producers.”

The Canadian musician, real name Claire Boucher, spoke in a new cover interview with V Magazine, saying: “I think where my pride in my work lies is in my production, editing, and directing. I’m not a trained musician,” adding, “I don’t feel very confident in myself as a singer.”

“As I get older, I’m probably going to try to be more involved in the behind-the-scenes work, and less involved in being the front person.”


Boucher also commented on the role of technology in getting more women into production: “I think that the more stuff like GarageBand becomes democratised, the more we’re going to see minorities like women producing. The ability to self-teach is already greater than it was even five years ago.”

Boucher has directed the music videos for several of her own tracks, including ‘Kill V. Maim’ and ‘California’, both from 2015’s ‘Art Angels’. Last year, NME named ‘Art Angels‘ Album Of The Year. Read our Grimes cover interview here.