Grimes gives new update on ‘Art Angels’ follow-up

Claire Boucher released her last album back in 2015

Grimes has given a new update on her forthcoming follow-up to ‘Art Angels‘.

The musician, whose real name is Claire Boucher, released her last album in 2015. At the time, NME said: “By embracing the pop orthodoxy, you might argue that Boucher has sacrificed some of what made her seem so alien when 4AD debut ‘Visions’ emerged from the ether back in 2012, but rest assured: she’s still laughing and not being normal, only this time, it’s all the way to the bank.”

She has now hinted new music could be on the way shortly, after a fan on Twitter suggested she “drop new music already” to help her get over the flu.


Boucher replied: “Just played label new music they rly dig it so hopefully smthn soon”.

The artist previously told fans in the summer she was “in the studio every day trying to legit make something you’ve never heard before.” She added: “Unexplored sonic landscapes. i need another month or 2 of pure unadulterated creativity at which point i will begin finishing tracks. won’t let u down”.

Before that, she had revealed she was working on “chill vibes, downtempo, synth-y shit” and said she wanted her next release to be “slower and more reflective”.

Meanwhile, Boucher’s 2012 album ‘Visions‘ was reworked as a classical piece called ‘Many Visions: Plumes Deconstructs The Music Of Grimes’ earlier this year. Each song was reinterpreted by a different composer at a concert series that took place across Canada in March.