Grimes gives an update on the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Art Angels’

The musician has been busy working in the studio on her next record

Grimes has given an update on the progress of the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed album ‘Art Angels‘.

The record was voted NME‘s Album Of The Year in 2015. “We already knew Grimes could write a killer pop song, but ‘Art Angels’ proved she could deliver 14 of them in a row,” we explained at the time. “‘Art Angels’ was not so much the sound of an artist trying to fit into the pop landscape as one trying to shape it in their own image.”

The musician, whose real name is Claire Boucher, posted a short video on Instagram announcing that she is included in Harper’s Bazaar‘s Icons list. She added a note to fans at the end of the caption thanking the magazine, in which she told them she knew she’d “been quiet lately”.


“In the studio every day trying to legit make something you’ve never heard before,” she wrote. “Unexplored sonic landscapes. i need another month or 2 of pure unadulterated creativity at which point i will begin finishing tracks. won’t let u down”.

As Stereogum reports, she had previously told fans she was working on “chill vibes, downtempo, synth-y shit” and said she wanted her next release to be “slower and more reflective”.

Meanwhile, Boucher’s 2012 album ‘Visions‘ was reworked as a classical piece called ‘Many Visions: Plumes Deconstructs The Music Of Grimes’ earlier this year.

Each song was reinterpreted by a different composer at a concert series that took place across Canada in March.

“We wanted to see how we could bridge the gap between popular and classical music—we have a suspicion it’s smaller than people think,” Luke Nickel (co-director of Winnipeg’s Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival) told MusicWorks.


“We want to think about interpretation and rearrangement, not only in terms of musical material but also in terms of the spirit of an artist. That led us to Grimes, whose DIY attitude seems to resonate across genres.”