Grimes has delivered a disappointing update on her next album

"welp no music any time soon"

Grimes has seemingly confirmed that the release of her new album is delayed.

Last year, the ‘Art Angels’ singer hinted that new music wasn’t too far away after a fan on Twitter suggested she “drop new music already” to help her get over a particularly rough bout of flu.

The singer, real name Claire Boucher, replied: “Just played label new music they rly dig it so hopefully smthn soon”.


But it seems that might not necessarily be the case, after Boucher edited an Instagram post to seemingly confirm that things weren’t going to plan.

“welp no music any time soon after all music industry is trash”, Boucher wrote in the since deleted caption of the post below.

he later confirmed that the apparent delay has nothing to do with her management at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

“Actually srsly wanna say 4 those suspecting roc/ the only reason Grimes exists is roc nation continuously saving my ass from wack ppl who took advantage of my youth/ naïveté early in my career,” she wrote in a since deleted tweet
“4 everyone who talks shit on jay z he had me come over and play him Art angels b4 it was done, alwayz encouraged and made me promise to follow my heart and never worry that roc nation wants me to be anything i’m not. the rumour they r controlling me is so opposite of realiti.”

She added: “Yeah but i’m solving it. i just have to take one last hit. it sucks, but i’d rather not make fans suffer thru more unexplained drama. theres some srsly fucked up and crazy shit going behind the scenes in my career this whole time i’ve never spoken of to protect myself legally.”

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