Grimes launches new music AI project to help people sleep

"This project is basically live remixing of ambient music by robots for babies"

Grimes has teamed up with a technology company to release new music to help people sleep.

The ‘AI Lullaby’ collaboration with Endel AI features original music and vocals by the singer to create ambient sounds. You can view a clip of the team up below.

A statement by Endel’s reads: “The sounds are processed by Endel Pacific technology to generate а soundscape that adapts in real-time to your location, weather, and natural light exposure. AI Lullaby is scientifically engineered to help children and adults sleep and nap better.”


Grimes added: “This project is basically live remixing of ambient music by robots for babies, haha.”

The full version of Grimes and Endel’s ‘AI Lullaby’ is available now via the Endel app. You can download it here.

Her latest project comes after her manager recently founded an app that helps employees and artists in the music industry understand the workings of record deals., which was launched by Leonard is a free resource that simulates deals for “artists, managers and industry executives who want more transparency in understanding how the finances of deals work”.

The app provides a breakdown for three deals including royalty, net profit and distribution. There’s an option for users to include the split between artists and label, the advance amount, and the recording and marketing costs.


After the figures are inputted by the artist/manager/label, the app works out how many streams the act would need to pay back the advance before seeing a profit.

Meanwhile, Grimes is set to feature on BENEE‘s forthcoming debut album along with Lily Allen and Flo Milli. ‘Hey u x’ is out on November 13.