Grimes and My Chemical Romance pay tribute after manager Lauren Valencia dies

Grimes says "You were the best manager a girl could ask for"

Grimes and My Chemical Romance have paid tribute to their manager Lauren Valencia, who has died from cancer.

In an emotional Instagram post, Grimes hailed Valencia as “The best manager a girl could ask for.”

Former MCR singer Gerard Way said: “I will love you forever.”


Valencia had overseen Grimes’ career since 2012, when the singer joined the Roc Nation stable of artists. She had previously managed My Chemical Romance.

Grimes wrote: “I loved you. Boy, did I love you. Life is beautiful, but we are not entitled to it. Cancer has no intention. It’s just life and death. So I don’t need to cry for you anymore. I think the Gods just wanted you back.”

She continued: “Godspeed, bitch. I hope ur trolling in heaven. For the last seven years, you were the best manager a girl could ask for. I’m glad I saw the world with you (minus Brazil godamit haha.)”

Grimes said Valencia “always did the right thing, even when you thought no-one was watching.” Her tribute ended: “I see you. Looking out for shooting stars. RIP.”


Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero tweeted: “Today is going to be a tough one. RIP LV. #fuckcancer”.

Singer Gerard Way wrote on Instagram: “Dear Lauren, you were a light that kept me going when times were really hard. You were there for every show, every shuttle ride, every early morning flight and lobby call, every walk around a city and every moment that I struggled with being on a long and sometimes hard to process journey.”

Way continued: “But more than what you did for others, you were incredible and vibrant and funny and wonderful. You were my friend, but you will always be my sister. The world is dimmer today, but I will always have your light to get me through.”

Way’s tribute ended: “Your family is my family and I will miss you terribly. I will think of you every day, and every time I get on a stage you will be with me. I will love you forever.”

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