Grimes has made her fans very happy with this news

The Canadian musician hints at new material

Grimes has confirmed that her new album will be released later this year.

The Canadian musician was responding to a tweet about the anniversary of her third studio album Visions.

“happy birthday visions!!! 7 years!!! made on GarageBand using vocal pedals and a Juno-G keyboard all in 3 weeks— produced by @grimezsz written by @grimezsz” the Grimes news account tweeted.


When Grimes quoted the tweet, she then added “actually it’s 2012 so 6 yrs and a nu one out this year so 3 albums in 6 years is not a bad level of productivity … 7 years i’d be judging myself a bit.” You can see the tweets below.

Last week Grimes revealed that she’s written a song about the role-playing video game Dark Souls.

The singer answered fans questions while livestreaming a gaming session on Twitch.

Grimes said she is planning to tour in 2018, but did not give any further details. Elsewhere, someone asked her if any Dark Souls samples would feature on her new album, to which she replied: “No, but I do have a song about Dark Souls, specifically.”


The artist previously told fans last summer that she was “in the studio every day trying to legit make something you’ve never heard before.” She added: “Unexplored sonic landscapes. i need another month or 2 of pure unadulterated creativity at which point i will begin finishing tracks. won’t let u down”.

Before that, she had revealed she was working on “chill vibes, downtempo, synth-y shit” and said she wanted her next release to be “slower and more reflective”.