Grimes shares potential track list for new album

She emphasises that it's "subject to change"

Grimes has shared a placeholder track-list for her new album which is still in the works. The artist insists that it’s “subject to change”.

In an Instagram story, the songwriter shared a 13-track long list of songs including the title ‘thats what the drugs r 4’, ‘Darq Souls’, ‘blaze forever like a useless star’, ‘Favourite Pyscho’, ‘Nymphs At Versailles’. The post arrived with the caption “subject 2 change but just so y’all know it’s real”. Check out the full list below.


However, Grimes was always speaking about her material on Twitter last night (May 12). In a tweet she wrote that she “wanna drop song soon ish” and asked her followers if they would prefer a “dark heavy ballad about fighting balrog in the center of earth that is a sex metaphor” or a “very not pg13 ethereal shadow of colossus demon nu metal song abt insomnia”. Whichever song is released is not meant to act as a first single for the new album.

She followed this with third and fourth options which are “a super lame love song i hate but other ppl dig” and “an elven take on train spotting soundtrack”.

Things are obviously moving at Grimes HQ. Last month, the artist – whose real name is Claire Boucher – provided another update on her progress with new music, saying she has “so many songs” and a “deep well of shit” to work with.

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In an Instagram comment to a fan, the artist said she had just taken “a month off” and that “a lot of insane shit went down and I’m reorienting my life.”


Meanwhile, Elon Musk and Grimes attended the Met Gala together on Monday night (May 7). Reports recently suggested that the couple had been “quietly dating” over the past month.