Grimes reveals surreal new track, ‘My Name is Dark’

Here's the latest from Grimes

Grimes has unveiled a surreal new track, ‘My Name is Dark.’ You can listen to the song below.

The track is taken from Grimes’ upcoming new album, ‘Miss_Anthropocene’, which is set for release on February 21.

Speaking about her new album earlier this year, the Canadian star, real name Claire Boucher, said: “It’s called Miss Anthropocene. It’s a concept album about the anthropomorphic Goddess of climate Change: A psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world. She’s composed of Ivory and Oil.”


You can listen to Grimes’ latest release here:


Back in September, Grimes released ‘A New Way to Die’ and earlier this year she also released ‘Pretty Dark’, a track which isn’t expected to feature on the upcoming record.

Despite receiving glowing reviews upon release, Grimes previously described her last album, ‘Art Angels’, as a “stain on my life.”

“The last album was a piece of crap,” she said. “I feel like people really misread it and it feels like a stain on my life.”


She continued to explain that she hadn’t tried to make a pop album with ‘Art Angels’ but saw it as more of a “genre exercise” that showed what she could do as a producer.

“I just wish I could make music in a vacuum,” she said. “It’s good to make people mad actually, I retract my statement. If you can make people mad without actually hurting anyone, that’s probably a good thing.”

Earlier this week, Holly Herndon weighed into the row between Grimes and Zola Jesus over artificial intelligence.

Jesus branded Grimes the “voice of silicon fascist privilege” after she stoked controversy when she claimed that live music will soon be “obsolete” during an appearance on the podcast of theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll.

Hendon said: “If AI is the next step in human coordination, what can we coordinate together? I don’t think that idea is incompatible with an AI avatar (@Grimes) representation of an artist at all. That can be really interesting! I also don’t think it is incompatible with strong scenes that bring music meaning (@ZolaJesus).

“I hope that music will continue to define the lives of people who congregate around it and fall in love with it, just as it has defined all of our lives enough to be concerned about this issue.”