Grimes says she is finishing her new album, calls it “by far my greatest work”

In a new interview, Grimes also said her child X Æ A-12 calls her by her first name Claire

In a new interview, Grimes has revealed she is putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to her 2020 album ‘Miss Anthropocene’.

In a video produced by Vogue, documenting the musician getting ready for the 2021 Met Gala, Grimes – real name Claire Boucher – revealed that she is in the process of finishing her new album.

“I’m just finishing an album, and I think it is by far my greatest work that I’ve ever done,” she said. “I actually just made the last song for it two nights ago.”


Grimes also went on to explain how her hopes for her artistic trajectory have changed over time. “I think I went into this being like ‘I’m going to sign to a major label and I’m going to be a really big artist’ and all this stuff,” she said.

“And in that process, I started being like ‘no’. I… literally don’t care if anyone listens to this shit. I just want it to be great, to be unequivocally just great art.”

Watch the full video below:

In the interview, Grimes also revealed that her child, X Æ A-12, refers to her by her first name – Claire. “I think having a baby was a big rebirth for me… artistically,” she said.

“Being a mother feels weird to say, for some reason I don’t identify with that word. It’s also really weird because X… says ‘Claire’ but he doesn’t say ‘Mama’… maybe he can sense my distaste for the word ‘mother’.”


Grimes attended the 2021 Met Gala – themed ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’ – on Monday night (September 13). Her outfit, a dress designed by Iris Van Herpen, was inspired by the film Dune.

“It’s kind of inspired by the movie Dune, which is an American film,” she explained. “Americans worked on it so it sort of fits the theme.”

Grimes has recently teased new music, previewing the song ‘Shinigami Eyes’ on Discord in June before sharing a pre-save link for the track. She’s also teased the song ‘100 Percent Tragedy’, which she later said was “about having to defeat Azealia Banks when she tried to destroy my life”.

Grimes dropped her fifth studio album ‘Miss Anthropocene’ in February last year. In a review, NME‘s Rhian Daly wrote, “Grimes proves herself once again to be the master of her own destiny, refusing to let any outside forces steer her from the course she’s chosen for herself, even if the album itself does deviate from the expected script.

“It’s a record stuffed with imagination and packed with beauty. It’s also a fitting next step for an artist who’s built her reputation as someone who refuses to keep in step with the rest of the world.”

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