Grimes shares snippet of music from new album

It features her trademark bubblegum vocals

Grimes has posted a snippet of new music that will appear on her forthcoming record.

The Canadian artist shared a short clip of the song via Twitter yesterday (January 10), writing: “bass is peaking sry.”


She later revealed that “it’s a balled [sic] not a single” so it probably won’t be released until “late”, but it will be on her new album.

The follow-up to 2015’s ‘Art Angels’ is expected later this year. Fans have already been treated to a song, ‘We Appreciate Power’, which NME lauded as a “Darth Vader boot-stomp of industrial-goth pop-rock.”

Online searches to find out the meaning of the word “capitulate” in the song, which was released in November 2018, have soared in the wake of the new cut.

Dazed revealed that searches for “what does capitulate mean” rose by 500 percent, while “define capitulate” went up by 200 percent. According to Google, “capitulate” means “cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; yield” – in case you were wondering, of course.

Earlier this week Grimes released a remix of the tracked – ‘official Nightcore remix’ – which is a pitched-shifted and faster paced take on her original song with HANA.