Grimes teases new collaboration with South Korean pop group Loona

The star features on the group's upcoming new track 'love4eva'

Grimes is set to feature on a new track from South Korean pop group Loona.

The 4AD-signed star is currently at work on the follow-up to her last album, 2015’s ‘Art Angels‘. She recently shared the working tracklist for the new record, which included song titles like ‘So Heavy I fell through the earth’ and ‘blaze forever like a useless star’.

A teaser video for Loona’s new song ‘love4eva’ has now been shared online. The brief clip features only a short burst of vocals at the end, singing the song’s title. The video finishes with the date 2018.05.30. It is unclear whether Grimes will feature in the video. Watch the teaser below.

Meanwhile, the musician – whose real name is Claire Boucher – recently came to the defence of boyfriend Elon Musk, claiming that reports he had prevented his Tesla employees from unionising is “quite literally fake news”.

“He has never prevented them from unionizing,” she wrote in a series of now deleted tweets. “It’s quite literally fake news. Trust me, I’ve investigated this heavily and even visited factories etc.

“i can respect a capitalist when they throw the phuck down on creating cheaper safer public transit, taking humans 2 space, movin the world into clean energy, fightin for ubi etc. humans w differing views on economics often hang out,” she continued.

She finished the series of tweets by saying “these aren’t my problems” and saying she “answers questions and complaints abt grimes, not third partieZ.”