Check out this Nightcore twist on Grimes’ ‘We Appreciate Power’ with official new remix

The HANA-featuring single was released back in November

Grimes has released a new remix of her comeback track ‘We Appreciate Power’ – tune in below.

The Canadian artist – real name Claire Boucher – made her return in November with the AI-inspired new single, previewing her forthcoming fifth album. Last month, she gave the track its first live airing with a dramatic US TV performance.

Now, the singer and producer has uploaded the ‘official Nightcore remix’ – a pitched-shifted, up-tempo take on the original. The new version of ‘We Appreciate Power’ somehow ups the intensity of the song, cutting it down to four minutes in the process.

Nightcore derives from a Norwegian duo who produced pitch-shifted and sped-up versions of trance and Eurodance tracks.

Meanwhile, online searches to find out the meaning of the word ‘capitulate’ soared last month following the release of ‘We Appreciate Power‘. Dazed noted that searches for ‘what does capitulate mean’ rose by 500 per cent, while ‘define capitulate’ went up by 200 per cent.

In other news, it looks like Grimes could be dragged into her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk’s lawsuit with Tesla over his now-infamous $420 tweet.

According to the Financial Post, Tesla shareholders are pushing for the artist to provide new evidence related to Musk’s intention with the online post.