Grimes says she wants to do a hologram tour

She's suggested she could retire from the traditional mode of touring

Grimes has expressed her desire to do a hologram tour, questioning why it is only dead artists who get to tour in that format.

The musician spoke about her feelings on touring in a new interview, in which she also calls albums “trash” and says she will “never have to put out another” one after the release of ‘Miss_Anthropocene’.

“I wanna retire from touring,” she told Flaunt. “I wanna do a hologram tour. Why do we keep doing them for dead artists instead of living ones who have stage fright?”


Asked if she experienced stage fright when she was performing, Grimes replied: “Oh my god, yes. It’s nightmarish. Apocalyptic. Terrifying, horrible. I can’t hear clapping or cheers – I just hear an echo chamber of death. I black out.

“Dissociation – I can’t tell what’s happening. After a show, I’m always thinking, ‘What happened?’ And people are like, ‘It’s OK!’ I know people like the authenticity of live performance, and I do too. But I’m not a good performer. I’m a director who accidentally fell into this position and now it’s too late to change. So I need to Gorillaz it – I need to find a way to not have to do the Beyoncé thing as much.”

On her feelings about albums, the musician noted that after the release of her forthcoming record ‘Miss_Anthropocene’, she will be out of contract with label 4AD. “I’ll never sign with another label,” she said. “I’ll never have to put out another album.”

She added that, were it not for contractual obligations, she would have “just dropped a bunch of music ages ago” instead of sticking to the traditional album format. “Albums are trash unless you sit down and make a really good album,” she said. “I’m not really that consistent. I feel like I would work better in, like, EP-ish formats.”

Meanwhile, in an interview published earlier this month, the star said her new album would be about making climate change “fun”.


“The way I figure it is that climate change sucks and no one wants to read about it because the only time you hear about it is when you’re getting guilted,” she told Crack magazine, adding: “I wanted to make climate change fun.”