Grizzly Bear ready to record first album in four years

In their first tweets since last August, the band announce they'd be heading to the studio next month

Grizzly Bear are about to return to the studio to record their first album in four years.

In an ebullient series of tweets, the band seemed to confirm that they had at least an album’s worth of new material to record when they kick off next month. They also took the time to offer an endorsement in the tight American Us presidential race.

On Saturday the band is due to join Vampire Weekend to play a rally in support of left-wing candidate Bernie Sanders, an insurgent senator form Vermont who is vying to lead the Democrat Party in November’s elections. Sanders, a social democrat unusual in American politics, desperately needs a good showing in the vital upcoming New York primary, where he currently trails establishment frontrunner Hillary Clinton.


That wasn’t the end of the band’s news; in their first tweets since August, they reassured fans that they’d be making music for many years to come – and announced that drummer Chris Bear had become a father.

The band, who are New York natives, formed in Brooklyn in 2002, and have released four studio albums – the last, ‘Shields’ in 2012. The creative process has become a bit trickier in recent years, since two members including Ed Droste, the band’s driving force, have decamped from the east coast to the west and started living in LA.