Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste deletes Twitter account after receiving abuse for criticising Taylor Swift

Droste called the singer 'self serving' and 'calculating', comparing her to 'Mean Girls' character Regina George

Ed Droste, frontman of indie outfit Grizzly Bear, has deleted his Twitter account after Taylor Swift fans sent him abuse for criticising the singer online.

Droste had previously compared the star to Mean Girls character Regina George, calling Swift “self serving” and “calculating”, adding that the singer “frightens me genuinely” and has “been given a free pass for too long” by the media. He also explained that he had a “first hand experience” of Swift being rude.

Following the likes of St Vincent and Beck performing live with Swift, Droste took to Twitter to say that he had “lost a lot of respect for a shit ton of thirsty celebs this week”. He continued, “Tired of everyone sucking up to the power. Just stop feeding the monster”.


Following the comments, Droste claimed to have received abuse from Taylor Swift fans, who he said, “have called me faggot, ugly, dirty Jew and the works”.

NMETom Oxley/NME

He added, “I was treated like shit for no reason on 3 occasions by the monster and thusly I’ve been called every disgusting slur there is”.

Before deleting his Twitter account completely, Droste wrote, “Fame is an illness & I feel stupid for ever participating. You might see me on Twitter come New Years to say hi. Otherwise love the good 1s… Bye”.

Haim‘s Alana Haim, a mutual friend of both Swift and Droste, appeared to take Swift’s side in the matter, tweeting: “Done with friends who aren’t ride or die…Snip, snip, bye, bye!”

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift by joined by Alanis Morissette for a rendition of her hit ‘You Oughta Know’ and Beck and St Vincent for a cover of Beck’s ‘Dreams’.

On Wednesday night (August 26), Taylor Swift sang ‘Smelly Cat’ with Friends actress Lisa Kudrow at her LA show.