Grizzly Bear to expand ‘Veckatimest’ album with session tracks

Reissue set for November release

Grizzly Bear are set to release an expanded version of their ‘Veckatimest’ album, originally released earlier this year, packaged with seven session tracks on an extra CD on November 2.

The two CD set will feature songs from sessions including those recorded for the BBC in Maida Vale plus US radio station KCMP. The release will also feature a new 24-page booklet.

The session songs will also be available to download.

The tracklisting of the second CD in the set will be:

‘Southern Point’ (KCRW Session)
‘All We Ask’ (KCMP Session)
‘Ready, Able’ (KCRW Session)
‘Foreground’ (Duyster Session)
‘Two Weeks’ (BBC Maida Vale Session)
‘Dory’ (World CafĂ© Session)
‘While You Wait For The Others’ (BBC Maida Vale Session)