Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor to release ‘Twenty Dinners’ cookbook

The publication will be released in April 2015

Grizzly Bear multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor is set to release his own cookbook, Twenty Dinners.

The book [pictured right] will be published on April 7, 2015 and is available to pre-order now.

Speaking previously about the release, Taylor – who has co-authored the book with friend Ithai Schori – said, “It’s 20 dinners, fully coursed, all seasonally relevant.” He continued, “I think a lot of people open a cookbook and they’re like, ‘Where do I start?’ And this is just like: ‘Make this dinner.’ It’s making cooking approachable for people in a different way. I love throwing dinner parties. I used to have a fire pit until I got the cops called on me.”

Now, full plans for the release have been announced, with the book said to be “full of smart techniques that make everything taste just a little better than you thought possible… but their style is laid-back and unhurried.”

“Through more than 100 seasonally-arranged recipes and gorgeous, evocative photographs of their parties, you fall into their world, where you have all day to put food on the table with your friends, and where there’s always time for another cocktail in a mason jar before dinner.”

Meanwhile, Grizzly Bear have been quiet since their ‘Shields: Expanded’ release in November 2013.