The band tell the follow-up to 'Vertigo' will have more of a "live feel"...

Groove Armada have told the follow-up to their successful ‘VERTIGO’ album will have more of a “live feel” – and the first taster from the new record will be released before the end of the year.

The group’s Tom Findlay explained that their current rehearsals with their nine-piece live band has been a huge influence on their new sound. He enthused: “It’s all sounding very organic. We’ve gone and done the countryside thing, we’ve laid down loads of grooves. Now it’s time to reign all of that in, and just give it some kind of song structure.”

The new record will feature rapper Jeru the Damaja, who also guested on ‘Vertigo’. The band were also planning a jaunt to South America to record some of the album. Their increasing popularity, however, has nipped that in the bud somewhat. “We’re now recording the album in-between playing all these big festivals,” explained Findlay‘s cohort Andy Cato. “We’re still going to make it to Brazil, but it’s going to be a lot more curtailed than was originally planned.”


Despite their wholehearted embracing of the festival circuit, it shouldn’t be too long a wait for ardent Armada fans. “We’re going to get something out by October,” said Tom. “An EP just to let everyone know how the album’s going. Then, hopefully, the album will follow in February.”

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