Updated by drum 'n' bass master Grooverider...

THE STONE ROSES‘Fools Gold’ has been remixed by Grooverider as part of an album called ‘Old School Vs New School’ on New York imprint Jive Electro released on March 1. This will be preceded by a single of the Grooverider and other Roses remixes on Monday, February 22.

The Grooverider mix speeds the Roses classic up over a breakbeat. Hear it by clicking here. There are also promos which are unlikely to be released.

The remixes of ’80s funk and hip hop classics by new school artists and DJs also include a Norman Cook remix of A Tribe Called Quest‘s ‘I Left My Wallet In El Segundo’ and Freestylers reworking Whodini‘s ’80s hip hop ‘Magic’s Wand’.


The full tracklisting is

Whodini Vs The Freestylers ‘(It’s All In Mr) Magic’s Wand (Freestylers Phat Newskool Party Mix)’ A Tribe Called Quest Vs Pimp Juice ‘Go Ahead In The Rain (Pimp Juice’s Player’s Paradise)’ Kool Moe Dee Vs Bad Boy Bill ‘I Go To Work (Bad Boy Bill’s Vocal Mix)’ BDP Vs Bassbin Twins ‘A Crate Of BDP’ A Tribe Called Quest Vs Norman Cook ‘I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix)’ Whodini Vs DJ Icey ‘Five Minutes Of Funk (Icey’s 7″ Magic)’ The Stone Roses Vs Grooverider ‘Fool’s Gold (Grooverider’s Mix)’ A Tribe Called Quest Vs Pimp Juice ‘Can I Kick It? (Pimp Juice’s Cash Money Breaks)’ Whodini Vs Westbam ‘Haunted House Of Rock (Westbam Mix)’ A Tribe Called Quest Vs Doc Martin ‘Footprints (Doc’s Big Booty Retro Mix)’ R Kelly Vs Hollis Monroe ‘Sex Me (The Stripped Down Stomp Mix)’ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Vs Hybrid ‘Summertime (Hybrid Mix)’ The Stone Roses Vs Rabbit In The Moon ‘Fool’s Gold (RITM’s Message To The Majors)’

Ian Brown recently said that he hadn’t heard the Grooverider remix but could imagine what it sounded like.

“I’m imagining ‘Fools Gold’ with bleeps in it,” he told iD magazine. “The biggest achievement for the Roses was Run DMC sampling ‘Fools Gold’. That beat was just everywhere.”

There are also promos of other remixes – such as the Kelly Reverb reworking of ‘She Bangs The Drum’ and the Lunasol mix of ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ – recorded for the album which have been pressed up as DJ promos but which will not be commercially released.

Does ‘Fools Gold’ sound retro or the drum and bass remix sound dated? Is this a good idea or does it smack of a cash-in? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst


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